Some Types of Social Media Instead of Diary Books

Some Types of Social Media Instead of Diary Books

Some Types of Social Media Instead of Diary Books – Diary is a book that always accompanies someone’s solitude, which almost all women in the past have a diary.

Because with a diary book they can pour all their feelings, when there are problems at work, school, family environment, romance and others – others.

Usually people who are always written in a diary are about romance, about they meet, about them and others.

The memory of having a diary is a very memorable memory, and if we still have that diary and we read it again, we will laugh at ourselves or be disgusted with our words.

Some Types of Social Media Instead of Diary Books

But now with the advance of the diary book era, our former loneliness friends have been replaced with books written online,

because most people today prefer to hold cellphones than books.

Nowadays people cannot go far from cell phones according to them it is better to miss a wallet than cellphones, cellphones now are not just for communication or for work alone.

But can be used to play games and can accompany them to write something they want.

Now I will give the types of social media substitutes for diary books that used to accompany us often, including:


Blogs That Write How to Play Online Gambling

It turns out that writing on social media such as blogs and others they share their experiences about whatever they are experiencing,

such as they play online games, play kick ball, play basketball and others – others.

They write all the activities in a blog on social media, there are also people who write about online gambling sites where that person tells if the site he is playing is the best site he has ever played, because online gambling sites were previously disappointing .

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