Formation of the Most Popular Facebook Social Media Worldwide

Formation of the Most Popular Facebook Social Media Worldwide – Who is not familiar with social media Facebook,

almost all the world’s citizens have played social media.

And who is not familiar with the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg,

he is a Harvard student who loves the world of computers and has developed smart MP3s in high school and above.

Zuckerberg once received a reprimand from the Harvard administration

because the Facemash site infringed copyright due to using photos taken from Harvard’s online site without permission.

Men born on May 14, 1984 began creating social media Facebook in February 2004 with the initial goal of making a change from a traditional

Facebook application with a low type and combining it with social networks like Myspace.

Formation of the Most Popular Facebook Social Media Worldwide

Before Facebook was famous, Facebook was only introduced in the campus area where Mark Zuckerberg studied,

and who registered on Facebook social media, more than half of the students had registered.

Zuckerberg’s name became more famous after introducing Facebook to all

schools in the Ivy League in late spring and more schools in other regions in the following semester.

The Wirehog site was created as a companion filesharing site for Facebook users,

and at the end of 2004 Facebook had more than one million registered users.

Facebook is global

Over time, Facebook has become increasingly inclusive,

opening doors for all students, faculty members,

and alumni anyone who has a confirmed domain-education email address,

and in 2006 Facebook added a network for high school students.

Since the fall of 2006, this site is open to anyone who wants to join it.

So there was a big shift from what was previously limited to students, but now Facebook is open to anyone.

After that facebook became popular throughout the world and until now

there are still many people who use social media founded by mark zuckerberg.