Author of the Book The Traveling of the Blue Line

Author of the Book The Traveling of the Blue Line – the novel entitled “The Travel of the Blue Line” is a book published through a blog site,

the author named Candra Bintara whose name has become popular among book lovers.

The blue line travel novel tells the story of a man who is never desperate to chase his dreams, which he tries to try to achieve his goals.

But during the ordeal he never complained or felt sad about the state of him whose economy was only to be able to make food alone,

he worked hard toil and support his family.

What is on his mind right now just wants to be a useful person in the family and in the community,

where many people are often assisted by men such as food and physical assistance.

The man always does it happily because he believes that good is in return with kindness,

even though he does whatever odd jobs he does to revive his family’s economy.

Author of the Book The Traveling of the Blue Line

year after year, day after day no change is experienced even though his age has now reached 25 years still doing the same thing.

This novel is good for people who are always complaining about their lives where they have given up hope without wanting to struggle at all,

with this novel there can create motivation for young people who always complain with their lives.

This novel has also been sold to thousands of pieces where the readers can be carried into the story,

because the creator wants the writer and reader to play gambling online a role in the novel.

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The blue line novels of the readers are not only teenagers but parents are also very happy with this novel,

where their motivational words can be done for their children so that they do not give up hope in living in this world.