Writing Novels about the Romance of Youth

Writing Novels about the Romance of Youth – Novels are long prose essays that contain a series of stories of a person’s life with those around him and accentuate the character (character) and nature of each actor. The novel consists of chapters and certain sub-chapters according to the story of the story.

Usually people who make nover inspired by the true story they experienced, so he can write with the feelings he experienced as long as he lived it.

Most novel books are made about the romance that is experienced by themselves or from friends who experience it so that books are made to be novels, and distributed so that they can be read by people who like reading novels.

The great novel can make you feel relax and satisfied with the storyline its same like you play online gambling on https://gucisakti.com and you get full of satisfied.

And usually a good novel can make people who read it carried into the story of the novel, as if in the story of the novel’s book, the reader plays the story in it.

Writing Novels about the Romance of Youth

Serti A novel by Habiburrahman El Shirazy Denga with the title of love verses which is the story of Indonesian people living in the Arab world and experiencing many events until the Indonesian people married Arab girls.
The story of the verses of love is very good and very educational, the story is sad, happy and not boring if we read it, as if we were in the desert and living in a rectangular and no tile.

With the hot and cold weather at night makes us carried away with the storyline, the person who makes the stories of love verses is indeed great.

Many Novel Books Made Into the Big Screen

And good and interesting novels will usually be made to a wide screen so that we can know if the story if it is made in reality, and we can feel what the people in the novel are doing.

Like the novel verses of love that are made into big screen films and many people who watch it because they are curious about the stories in the novel are the same as what is read in the novel.