Write a Book About Life to Inspire

Write a Book About Life to Inspire – As you know, technology is increasingly sophisticated nowadays. The involvement of technology in human life has greatly facilitated all activities. If previously there were many writers who did not continue their expertise because they were limited by capital and lack of relationships in the world, now everyone can become a writer and make it a public reading book.

You already know that many people today create books based solely on a life story, not from direct expertise in the world of writing. This is indeed already very common, because many state officials, artists and business people make a book to make it an inspiration for all readers.

Write a Book About Life to Inspire

Actually it is not wrong to do that. Writing a book about life can be a way for someone to encourage many people we don’t know directly. Providing a wealth of experience information that can be followed by many people, it also becomes a way of helping that we were not aware of before.

So many people experience difficult lives. And many feel that they are the only
people who suffer. And if it turns out they read a life experience story, this can
be an encouragement for those who are down.

The world of printing novels or other reading books indeed never limits people
to make a work. About anything you want to write, will be accepted while in
accordance with the standards it should.

Become a Way to Enthusiasm

If you only want to publish online, you can join in many sites or applications
that are open to the public to download books. Nowadays it has become more
sophisticated, so many platforms make it easy for writers to publish their writings.

Sense of satisfaction by writing a book about one’s own life can be our way to be happy. Calms the mind by venting everything we have experienced. But if you are intending to make a life story writing, make it interesting and a meaningful message for each reader.

Some Ways to Write a Non-Fiction Book

Some Ways to Write a Non-Fiction Book – Writing Non-Fiction books is much easier than Fiction books, but Non-Fiction books like subjects for example. Books like this should not be written haphazardly, because they must have accurate references and the language used must be educational.

To be clearer, I will provide fiction and non-fiction understanding so that you do not misunderstand in writing non-fiction. fiction is Fictitious which means something that is not real or imagined. So, simply put, fiction is a book written by the author’s imagination.

And Non-Fiction is a book whose contents are not fantasy or reality based on fact. this type of non-fiction book contains various actual and informative events. Because it is not imaginary, to make a nonfiction book will require an observation and data. Because, the information contained in this non-fiction book must be accountable.

Some Ways to Write a Non-Fiction Book

Below there are several ways to write non-fiction books;

  • Choose a theme that you know
    For you novice writers, you can look for the most popular money news right now, so you can get to know the true story.
  • Research
    If you have difficulty writing a non-fiction book, you can search for information or can research in advance through online, or can find a book about the theme you are discussing.
  • Ask the experts
    If you are confused about where to start, you can find someone who is an expert in this field, so you can know clearly and more thoroughly.
  • Read encyclopedias
    For some people reading an encyclopedia is boring, but with you reading an encyclopedia you can learn about the information you are getting.
  • Be persistent
    Persistence is one of the keys to your success in writing non-fiction books. The more you do well, the better the results will be.
  • Resting for a moment is important
    Rest is very important to produce quality writing. When you experience boredom and loot between your subject and your condition, start to rest. Let everything you write on the table. Do nothing. Later when you already feel there is a new spirit to continue writing again, write.

Examples of fiction books and non-fiction books

To clarify again I will tell which books are fiction and non-fiction below; checkidot …

Fiction Book

  • Short story
  • Novel
  • Fairy tale
  • Drama
  • Poetry
  • Saga
  • Fable
  • Myth
  • Comic
  • Folklore

Non-Fiction Books

  • Scientific papers
  • thesis, thesis, dissertation
  • Textbooks
  • Journals
  • Encyclopedia book
  • Biography
  • Essay
  • Opinion
  • Speech

So, it’s clear the difference between fiction and non-fiction books isn’t, and hopefully you can make good non-fiction books according to the facts.

Formation of the Most Popular Facebook Social Media Worldwide

Formation of the Most Popular Facebook Social Media Worldwide – Who is not familiar with social media Facebook,

almost all the world’s citizens have played social media.

And who is not familiar with the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg,

he is a Harvard student who loves the world of computers and has developed smart MP3s in high school and above.

Zuckerberg once received a reprimand from the Harvard administration

because the Facemash site infringed copyright due to using photos taken from Harvard’s online site without permission.

Men born on May 14, 1984 began creating social media Facebook in February 2004 with the initial goal of making a change from a traditional

Facebook application with a low type and combining it with social networks like Myspace.

Formation of the Most Popular Facebook Social Media Worldwide

Before Facebook was famous, Facebook was only introduced in the campus area where Mark Zuckerberg studied,

and who registered on Facebook social media, more than half of the students had registered.

Zuckerberg’s name became more famous after introducing Facebook to all

schools in the Ivy League in late spring and more schools in other regions in the following semester.

The Wirehog site was created as a companion filesharing site for Facebook users,

and at the end of 2004 Facebook had more than one million registered users.

Facebook is global

Over time, Facebook has become increasingly inclusive,

opening doors for all students, faculty members,

and alumni anyone who has a confirmed domain-education email address,

and in 2006 Facebook added a network for high school students.

Since the fall of 2006, this site is open to anyone who wants to join it.

So there was a big shift from what was previously limited to students, but now Facebook is open to anyone.

After that facebook became popular throughout the world and until now

there are still many people who use social media founded by mark zuckerberg.

Some Types of Social Media Instead of Diary Books

Some Types of Social Media Instead of Diary Books – Diary is a book that always accompanies someone’s solitude, which almost all women in the past have a diary.

Because with a diary book they can pour all their feelings, when there are problems at work, school, family environment, romance and others – others.

Usually people who are always written in a diary are about romance, about they meet, about them and others.

The memory of having a diary is a very memorable memory, and if we still have that diary and we read it again, we will laugh at ourselves or be disgusted with our words.

Some Types of Social Media Instead of Diary Books

But now with the advance of the diary book era, our former loneliness friends have been replaced with books written online,

because most people today prefer to hold cellphones than books.

Nowadays people cannot go far from cell phones according to them it is better to miss a wallet than cellphones, cellphones now are not just for communication or for work alone.

But can be used to play games and can accompany them to write something they want.

Now I will give the types of social media substitutes for diary books that used to accompany us often, including:


Blogs That Write How to Play Online Gambling

It turns out that writing on social media such as blogs and others they share their experiences about whatever they are experiencing,

such as they play online games, play kick ball, play basketball and others – others.

They write all the activities in a blog on social media, there are also people who write about online gambling sites where that person tells if the site he is playing is the best site he has ever played, because online gambling sites were previously disappointing .

Writing Our Own Life Stories in Diary Books

Writing Our Own Life Stories in Diary Books – We often think and daydream about our life stories from birth to our work,

not many people want to share their life stories or write their life stories in diary books or on blogs.

You might not care about our writing whether it is a biography or a memoir book,

all of that is the core term we want to capture our life stories that are exciting, sweet, romantic, joyous and others in the diary book or blog.

I remember my friend he was a driver where my friend had to fight on the streets to be able to get money in order to meet the economic needs of his family,

where he had to slam the bone in transporting consumers or goods belonging to consumers.

Writing Our Own Life Stories in Diary Books

he had to leave early in the morning and come home late at night to earn money, to be able to provide for his family who were in his contracted home.

and my life is also the same as my friend’s,

which is the difference between me working in an office in the middle of the city, the occasional can still enjoy online gambling games that are available at Agen Sbobet, the thing is I am with my friend.

if I work using my mind or you could say my mind is drained,

and my friend works using energy which can drain their bodies.

Memory Is A Story That Is In Our Minds

You might get so many photos.

You are tired of first imagining that there are hundreds of pages of books you have to write.

Okay, I will only write one of my most inspirational parts of my life.

If that is what you have in mind, then you have made a choice: write a memoir.

Yes, a memoir is a choice story from the life of a character in a biography.

that’s all and thank you

Author of the Book The Traveling of the Blue Line

Author of the Book The Traveling of the Blue Line – the novel entitled “The Travel of the Blue Line” is a book published through a blog site,

the author named Candra Bintara whose name has become popular among book lovers.

The blue line travel novel tells the story of a man who is never desperate to chase his dreams, which he tries to try to achieve his goals.

But during the ordeal he never complained or felt sad about the state of him whose economy was only to be able to make food alone,

he worked hard toil and support his family.

What is on his mind right now just wants to be a useful person in the family and in the community,

where many people are often assisted by men such as food and physical assistance.

The man always does it happily because he believes that good is in return with kindness,

even though he does whatever odd jobs he does to revive his family’s economy.

Author of the Book The Traveling of the Blue Line

year after year, day after day no change is experienced even though his age has now reached 25 years still doing the same thing.

This novel is good for people who are always complaining about their lives where they have given up hope without wanting to struggle at all,

with this novel there can create motivation for young people who always complain with their lives.

This novel has also been sold to thousands of pieces where the readers can be carried into the story,

because the creator wants the writer and reader to play gambling online https://agenjudionline5758.com a role in the novel.

Many Peminantnya Novel

The blue line novels of the readers are not only teenagers but parents are also very happy with this novel,

where their motivational words can be done for their children so that they do not give up hope in living in this world.

Writing Novels about the Romance of Youth

Writing Novels about the Romance of Youth – Novels are long prose essays that contain a series of stories of a person’s life with those around him and accentuate the character (character) and nature of each actor. The novel consists of chapters and certain sub-chapters according to the story of the story.

Usually people who make nover inspired by the true story they experienced, so he can write with the feelings he experienced as long as he lived it.

Most novel books are made about the romance that is experienced by themselves or from friends who experience it so that books are made to be novels, and distributed so that they can be read by people who like reading novels.

The great novel can make you feel relax and satisfied with the storyline its same like you play online gambling on https://gucisakti.com and you get full of satisfied.

And usually a good novel can make people who read it carried into the story of the novel, as if in the story of the novel’s book, the reader plays the story in it.

Writing Novels about the Romance of Youth

Serti A novel by Habiburrahman El Shirazy Denga with the title of love verses which is the story of Indonesian people living in the Arab world and experiencing many events until the Indonesian people married Arab girls.
The story of the verses of love is very good and very educational, the story is sad, happy and not boring if we read it, as if we were in the desert and living in a rectangular and no tile.

With the hot and cold weather at night makes us carried away with the storyline, the person who makes the stories of love verses is indeed great.

Many Novel Books Made Into the Big Screen

And good and interesting novels will usually be made to a wide screen so that we can know if the story if it is made in reality, and we can feel what the people in the novel are doing.

Like the novel verses of love that are made into big screen films and many people who watch it because they are curious about the stories in the novel are the same as what is read in the novel.

How to Play Poker Online Gambling

How to Play Poker Online Gambling – Card gambling that is currently popular is a card gambling that has long been introduced at casino gambling. Poker has become a type of gambling game that is often visited by https://situsjudipoker5758.com .

Many people of all ages want to try this one viral game. The curiosity of the public is greater so they do not care about winning or losing when betting at the poker table.

For those of you who don’t know what poker gambling is, you are in the right reading. Here we will provide some information about this type of gambling.

How to Play Poker Online Gambling

How to Play Poker Online Gambling

Poker is a 5 card game that is arranged into a combination. For those of you who are beginners, you must first understand the basics of poker cards. Ranging from large to small card symbols, and a combination of cards.

Just a little picture, playing cards there are 4 symbols or images. The four images have strengths ranging from large to small, namely Spade, Heart, Diamond, Club.

And for the combination card order is:

Royal Flush: Consists of the 5 highest cards namely 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace. Card symbols or symbols must be the same.

Straight Flush: Consists of 5 consecutive cards with the same symbol. Like suppose 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 (HEART)

Four of a kind: Consists of 4 equal cards and 1 random card as a complement. For example As (shovel), As (Heart), As (Curly), As (Diamonds)

Full House: Consists of 3 cards with different symbols and 2 cards with different symbols. Example King (Shovel), King (Heart), King (Curly), and 10 (Heart), 10 (Curly).

Order in Poker Cards

Flush: Consists of 5 cards that are different or random but have the same symbol. If the opponent has the same card, then the winner is seen from who has the highest card.

Straight: Consists of 5 cards in a row, do not need the same symbol.

Three of Kind: 3 twin cards like Jack, Jack, Jack, 2, 3 (different symbols don’t matter)

Two Pair: Have 2 sets of twin cards like Jack, Jack, Queen, Queen, 2 (different symbols don’t matter)

Pair: Twin cards, for example, King and King

Benefits of Reading Books

Benefits of Reading Books – As you know, books are a window on the world for humans or people around the world. Not only in Indonesia, various countries have also implemented learning or education for their people.

Maybe for some people reading a book or studying is the most boring thing in life. But not a few people also like this one activity. In the bookstore or library, many young people and even adults read some books that they like.

Benefits of Reading Books

People’s hobbies are very different, but what you need to know is that reading books is very important for your life. Many benefits you can take by reading a book.

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create this for player can do gambling anywhere, anytime you want to do it.

Reducing Stress

Not only games that can relieve stress or burden your mind. Reading books can also reduce the stress you experience. Read books according to your taste, for example comics, novels, or other reading books that you like. That way you will be more relaxed in reading.

Adding insight

Reading several books or reading will make you smarter. The contents in the book will give you some new words that you may not often hear. Or there can also be some information that you can know from the book you are reading. And for those of you who are doing research or thesis assignments, you can find a number of books that you need in the library, so you will get new ideas that were not previously thought of.

Improve Memory Quality

By reading a book your brain’s memory power will increase rather than weaken. For example when you read a novel, of course you will read the sentence story. You will remember the story from beginning to end even though it comes from a few words and sentences instead of images.

Can Encourage Life Purpose

For many people say or say will feel like the wind just passing by. But if you read a few sentences in the book, you can better understand and understand so that it can be an inspiration for you.

Reading Online Poker Gambling Games

Reading Online Poker Gambling Games – In order to be able to get a lot of advantages in playing online poker gambling, we should be able to read
online poker gambling games so that we can learn how to play poker gambling well so that it can bring benefits that can make us rich.

Read Online Poker Gambling Games

In all things reading is indeed something very positive for us to do
especially if we are a nerd who loves to read or is reading about world news today or just reading comics that can keep us entertained.

Usually people who like to read are people who have intelligence above
average – because they have quite a lot of information in everything they
have read so that reading is really a recommended activity.

For this reason, the Indonesian government is currently active in inviting
Indonesian children to be more diligent in reading, so that a library is
provided that can be accessed close to home every day.

With all the benefits that we can get from reading we can apply it in online poker gambling games that can make us smarter in playing online poker.

Benefits of Reading to Play Poker Gambling

Many of the benefits we can get from reading with this one of them is by reading a lot we are getting smarter in playing reliable Poker Online
gambling so that we can continue to reduce the loss ratio in playing online poker gambling.

Reading can also bring benefits that you can get from learning online poker gambling from before, maybe you often experience defeat by reading tricks
and tips on playing poker gambling in various articles can reduce these losses.

And that is the importance of reading from an early age and in all interests
whatsoever so that you know a lot of information from what you are using.